Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer Social 2013

Our Chairman Looking Contented

On a hot summers day a large number of members turned out for the Art Society Summer Social. Although I suspect many members would have preferred to be outside enjoying the cool of the evening breeze.
The first part of the evening got off to an interesting start with an Art Trivia quiz. The quiz was interesting but a little difficult and most of us, including myself, employed the usual tactic “creative guesswork”. Still even with “creative guesswork” three of us (Sheila Debbie and Steve) managed to get the highest marks “six out of ten”.


Half way through the evening there was a splendid buffet the food was supplied by Debbie. The tea and coffee was managed and supplied by Ruth and Marion. Thank you Debbie, Ruth and Marion for a very pleasant and fulfilling buffet.


For the second part of the evening several of our members brought in paintings and drawings for a critique. John Shotter took on the difficult and controversial role of the art critic.  Most of the paintings brought in were landscapes, a popular subject matter for many of our members. John did come out with some interesting general points about landscapes and that was the lack of shadow in many of the paintings.  As John pointed out that shadows in a picture, like foliage in trees and hedges should have a variety of dark and light greens to define depth. Thank you John an interesting and helpful critique.



Some of the Lucky Winners of the Raffle

Richard searching for a person
to select a raffle ticket.

It was a wonderful evening and again a big thank you to Debbie, Ruth Marion and John for making it satisfying and interesting time.

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