Welcome to the Southampton Art Society Blog.
The object of the society is to promote art in the Southampton and surrounding districts. Our membership is open to anyone who is interested in art. We include a wide group of people who have a wide selection of artistic interests from drawing and painting to sculpture, pottery and mixed media. Those members that practice the skills of art range from amateur to semi-professional and professional.
Some of our members do not take part in any artistic expression but just have an interest in art. These members take an enthusiastic interest in the talks and demonstrations that we have at our monthly meetings as well as chatting and gossiping with other members.

 All are welcome to come to our meetings, but if you wish to become a Member of Southampton Arts Society.
Membership is £20 a year (Joint Membership £30 a year) which allows free admission to the monthly meetings plus a quarterly newsletter. Visitors are welcome to come along to the Monthly Meetings, but there will be an admission fee of £3.00 for non-members.