Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jake Winkle's Watercolour Demonstration

Jake Demonstrating his method of
painting from light to dark
During the tea break Jake answers
members questions.

The evening’s programme was opened by Penny as Richard was suffering with an infected tooth but he is now feeling better and will soon be with us again.
Penny introduced Jake  Winkle as the evening'

Jake finishing off the painting
on a flat surface

Jake is a well known Water-colourist who has recently written a book “Light and Movement in Watercolour”. Jake started the demonstration by painting a scene of Venice. His technique is the opposite of most Water-colourists instead of going from light to dark he paints from dark to light and produces a very effective painting. Jake’s enthusiastic view is “Paint is thrown in the air and lands in the right place”. But he did point out that continued practice is needed to develop confidence in placing the colour in the right place.

Members admiring the finished

Admiring Jakes Greeting Cards

Admiring Jakes other paintings


In the second half of the evening Jake did a second painting to prove a point about suggesting an image, rather than getting wrapped up with the details of an image. He started and finished a painting of a church in Spain in fifteen minutes. Jake demonstrated that all that you needed sometimes was a stroke of paint or a “random mark” to suggest a building or a group of buildings. The finished painting was quite unique and beautiful.
In the second half of the demonstration
Jake finished this painting of a Spanish
Church in 15 minutes

Jake brought along some of his other paintings showing that his style was not limited to scenes. There were waddling penguins, horse racing and sleepy eyed tigers, all in the relaxed and casual style of Jake Winkle.



  Thank you Jake for an interesting and entertaining evening. 


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